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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  May 12, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we'll have more of the traffic after the weather. >> well, when we came to work, it was raining. we got the push of warm, humid air and that shot didn't look like that 40 minutes ago. >> and not even two minutes ago. now, we need to look at the traffic cam. >> taking a look at the day part. last time we checked, it was 55 and it will be interesting to see what it's like in 30 minutes. >> 73 at lunch and a mixture of clouds and sun and on the way to 76 and this even, mid-60s and later on, a cold front coming through and mid-60s for sun. don, take it away. >> here's sharon with wjz
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traffic control. well, good morning, everyone. we're looking at the cameras for rain and fog as well. there's a look at 95 and in and out of the tunnel and there's a look on 83 just north of the beltway. no problems there with the acception of the weather. remember, wjz-13 is always on, for traffic information any time. go to don, back to you. her's what people will be talking about. a man is accused of attacking his neighbor's dog with a machete. >> reporter: good morning, once again, don and everyone. the dog was taken to the shelter last night where she underwent surgery. right now, the police are investigating why this attack happened in the first police. we want to warn you some of the pictures are graphic.
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>> reporter: a gut wrenching seen as this dog is attacked. these pictures don't show the full extent of the injuries. there's a split from the nose to the mouth and it has an injury to the side of its head and one is threw the bone. >> reporter: animal control officers responded to the call last night. the officers saw the dog bleeding and rushed her to the animal rescue center. >> she was going into shock, she had substantial blood loss. >> she may lose her right eye. and the police already arrested a suspect that lives a few houses a way. members of the anti abuse task force says this is why the city needs officers for animal abuse. we need the officers for the animal control so the cases are
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investigated vigorously. >> reporter: we're trying to get an update on her condition. the man that the police arrested has a history of mental illness. the mother of the uva student charged with murdering yeardley love from cockiesville is breaking her silence. she said, my pain the great, but it will never come close to the anguish felt by the love family. she says, we'll support george in any way we can as any mother or father will do. they're also prompting policy changes at the university of virginia. they met to discuss ways to prevent future attacks. one change would require the police to inform the university
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when a student is arrested. this morning, an 18 month old is treated for a sexually transmitted disease and many want to know if she was raped. >> an 18 month old girl has gonorrhea and they're investigating if she was raped. >> reporter: no one's been charged as the baltimore city police wait for the results. we know who he is. and we know how to get in touch with the individual. once we get the examination all lined up, we'll move forward. >> reporter: mothers are disgusted. >> if someone did something to one of them, they would have to lock me up. >> reporter: evidence was documented here. this is where hundreds of kids come every year to be interviewed and examined in order to help prosecute the abusers.
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last year, 800 kids reported they were awhite housed -- abused. >> we have new dynamics and people are living differently and sexual abuse is on the rise. the abuser is a family friend and 90% of the victims nationwide know the attacker. >> we've been good since 9/11 and when we see something suspicious, we should say something. if there's something suspicious, report it. >> reporter: the neighborhood is anxious to hear of an arrest. i want to know what's going through the people's minds. know what a i mean? that's sickening. >> reporter: the child was examined this week and the results could take a few days. i'm kelly mcpherson, wjz-13, eyewitness news. >> and the medical tests, if they support the original claims, someone will be
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charged. and in libya, a plane crashed an 96 people are dead. an 8-year-old dutch boy survived. and the weather conditions were good. we'll continue to update on the story throughout the morning and the day. and days after a series of tornadoes cut through the midwest, we're getting more information from the emergency crews. they're revising the death toll from five to two. three of the original reported dead survived and they're remaining hospitalized. and some amazing video from australia. a man sacrificing his body to save his baby from a car. a car slams into him and he's able to shield his infant from the brunt of the impact. the man says it was a split second decision.
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>> i can take it -- [ indiscernible ] i thought, if they hit the back of me, i have a chance of breaking a leg or whatever, that's fixable, hit me son? he's not fixable. >> and the other person suffered a heart attack while driving. bo biden is waking up in a hospital bed this morning. he was transferred to philadelphia after suffering a mild stroke. the vice president and his wife were quickly by his side. he'll make a quick recovery. tiger woods will have to fight his way to victory without his long time swing coach. his swing coach retired yesterday. tiger struggled with his swing
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and putting since his hiatus. the orioles are also struggling with their swing. they failed to produce at the plate. they'll start their home stand at camden yards on a low note losing to seattle 5-1. it's preakness week in baltimore. the kentucky derby trainer is going to arrive today along with supersaver. they'll be arriving this afternoon. >> this is a huge deal. there's local ownership here, as well. they may still. [ indiscernible ] . let's talk about supersaver. there was no great name going into the kentucky derby. if you're not in the industry, you're probably saying, just run. so, now, the winner of the
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kentucky derby -- supersaver -- has a great personality. someone called him the closer, calvin burell. he's one of the last four triple crown races on three different races. he's bringing them in for the big ones. [low audio]
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if this can come in, there you go. >> and honestly, seriously. the other day -- >> well, if he was driving a chevy, i would be on it. >> let's look at the day part. seriously, i mean, this race, that's the jockey. we bet for that, not for money. >> yeah, i'm with you, bet the rider. >> and we have fog forming in the area. the harbor cam is fogged in. we'll look at the picture. >> oh, my goodness. bush and an hour ago, we had 0 fog in the area. now, there's cleared rain and now, the big warm front. this rain lead into the mid- atlantic and that's here. that's giving us the fog. we'll go back to the day part.
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we're talking about fog in the morning and we'll watch the traffic camera. we'll see where the fog's forming and we'll break up the fog and that's a 73 lunchtime temperature and on the way to a high of 76 and we'll be in the mid-60s and there's a cold front dying down and showers and thundershowers and sunny and beautiful tomorrow and a little bit of a breeze and temperatures in the mid-60s all right. talking barbecue this morning. and i have to be honest with you. i think, if i had to choose a last meal, that would be rolling out to andy nelsons, it would be barbecue. >> well, that's one of tony's favorite places. we'll talk to him about that. we're live at pazo, harbor east. what's on the grill, tony. mediterranean barbecue, lamb rack and smoked potato and
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asparagus. national barbecue month, we're live. we have the story when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. america runs on dunkin'. with our new iced dark roast coffee. grab a delicious cup today. america runs on dunkin'.
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59 easton and 60 in ocean city. and kent island, almost 60 and same in rock hall and westminster low 50s and 55 columbia and 59 in annapolis and this big push of warm air is throughout the daytime house. tonight, the cold front dives through and showers and thundershowers and then,
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another warm front moves our away. 76 degrees this day after morning fog and tonight, after thundershowers, clouds break 49 and tomorrow, clouds and sun and breezy, 66 degrees. friday, the day of the black eyed susan stakes. it's the people's pink party. and wonderful thing happening. we'll have 88 degrees and warm and humid and nighttime thundershowers and leading us to a beautiful spring like day and temperatures in the low 70s and upper 60s. >> watch out for puddles on the pavement. here's sharon with traffic control. and we're definitely seeing wet roads and our first accident. it's on east -- on 9th street and speeds are running smoothly, the top and the west side at full speed. and there's a look at 83 and no
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issues on 295 and 32 on the beltway west of 95. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. >> i think that's one of the coolest places in the city. i can't tell you how many times i've been there and i haven't been in the kitchen. we're talking about barbecue, of a different story. >> we're proud to be here with the great tony foreman. restauranter and man about town. let me say this, tony and your lovely wife, cindy, they transformed the city in terps of food and tasting. we have four restaurants now.
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>> good morning, it's national barbecue month. well, we're doing a lamb rack here. and that's salt and that's boiling water and that's showing smoke and we'll take the lamb off, it's been working 25 minutes. and that will rest for a few minutes. rest it before you slice it. let it to be more tender and the juices are more natural. we'll put the asparagus. we have great asparagus from the eastern shore. >> we were talking earlier
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about how it's different to everyone. >> yeah, north of spain, it will be wood grill, but lobsters and octopus and south of italy, birds and provence, a baby kid. and from greece throughout north africa to the islands -- it's pretty much inspired be i a farmhouse in the south of italy. you can use the pomegranate lack cure and it's like a syrup. >> well, i have a question for tony. >> what will would his definition of the term barbecue be.
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there's a different type he's taking. what's the definition of barbecue. the word? >> what's your definition of barbecue. >> i mean, well, marty's from kentucky, it will be pork, sweet and spicy. if i was from texas, it would be beef and dry rub and a lot less spicier and sweet. if i was from the north of spain, i would say octopus. >> from baltimore, where would you go. >> andy nelsons. >> what i'm saying is. i'm trying to put my finger on it. i know there's different types of it. but what is barbecue -- do you understand what i mean, if it was websters, what does the word mean. >> if it was in websters, what
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would the word mean. i have no idea. >> no one does. no one knows. >> i've thought about that myself. no one knows what it means. well, lamb for breakfast. tony, thank you for much. look at this dish, man, oh man. >> got to run, ron. >> tony, foreman, thank you so much we're live -- we're eating good in the neighborhood. i love that. take care, guys, have a good one. >> i'll tell you what, if you've never been there, without question, that's a beautiful facility. >> that's neat looking. we'll take a break and come
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right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hello again, there a there's a fog forming. sharon will have more after the first warning weather.
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well, it's interesting, we were watching the fog rolling in and now, we're looking down the bw parkway, it's just starting to spread, if you will. we have a push of warm, humid air and good morning, if you're joining us. i'm going to back this up. i want you to see something. rain is now cleared and then, it's back down to the 50 corridor. we're seeing the fog forming now. temperatures will be rising quickly over the next few hours. 73 at lunch and on the way to 76. 65 and clouding up and showers and thunderstorms dinner time through bedtime. and that's the cold front throughout the area.
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and got to love the baltimore weather. and how about the rush, here's sharon. we're seeing some of the fog rolling into the northwest side of the beltway. we're also seeing the delays. and one accident could get in your way at 9th street. there's a look at 895. in and out of the tunnel, that's running smoothly. and this report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. a plane has crashed in libya. it happen after 11:00 local time they were coming in from
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south africa. and 96 are dead and an 8-year- old dutch boy survived. weather conditions were good and we'll have more at 7:00 on "the early show." and also, a huge concern this morning. the huge oil spill still reeking havoc in the gulf of mexico. several groups protested drilling protested yesterday outside of the white house and three executives were criticized for not accepting responsible. here's the latest with joel brown. >> reporter: senators pointing the fingers at flee oil rig executives before them. >> i don't think it's adequate to chalk it up to a view that accidents happen. >> reporter: and the executives point their fingers at each other. they all said that the massive
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oil spill is someone else's fault. >> i hear a message and that's, don't blame me. well, that doesn't get us far. >> reporter: finally,the president of bp says that the company would make things right. there our obligation is to deal with the spill. >> two senate panels grilled the executives about the rolls that the companies were playing at the time of last month's explosion. lawmakers looked to the future. if, the cleanup is massive and the spill is up to 4 million- gallons of oil and growing. will bp pay. there -- we'll pay the claims and the entire resources will be behind this. as the senators looked at the government regulation, the cleanup continued in the gulf. and 210,000-gallons of crude are spilling and the crews are
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working to stop the flow. and a second smaller dome has been lowered into the gulf of mexico. it's hoped it won't clog up the pipes. elena kagan is meeting with the senators today and answering questions. the republicans have yet to embrace her, mainly because she's never been a judge. back here, a man is behind bars after he attacked his neighbor's dog with a machete. wjz and andrea fujii live on the story. good morning, don and everyone. police say this suspect went into his neighbor's yard early last night and started attacking. animal control officers brought the dog to the shelter where she underwent surgery. we want to warn you, some of the pictures are very disturbing. >> a gut wrenching scene in
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northwest baltimore as a man attacks his neighbor's dog with a machete. the pictures don't show the full extent of the dog's injuries. it's been split all the way down its nose to its mouth. it has an injury and several on the side of the head. one looks like it's throughout the bone. >> reporter: officers responded to the call last night from wily avenue. the officers saw the dog bleeding and rushed her to the shelter for treatment. >> she was going into shock and she had issues and substantial blood loss. she may lose her right eye. and the police have already arrested a suspect who lives a few houses away. members of the mayor's animal antiabuse task force says this is why the city needs the officers. and we need police officers
6:36 am
dedicated to the animal control so they're investigated vigorously. right now, the police are investigating what lead up to the attack. >> the police say that the man arrested is under going a psychiatric evaluation. a wjz investigation uncovered details about a pregnant woman's killer. he violated his parol and a warrant had him going back to jail and that was never signed and days later, she was dead. >> and you hear about people who escape through the cracks and shouldn't have been out. he had a quick temper, i guess. who knows, that could have been their first and last argument the warrant request was slowed down because it was sent by us mail and other paper work
6:37 am
problems as well. and it was misfiled. instead of going to the agent, it went to another agent. it was out of the office those three days. the officer is, whoing to up -- working to upgrade to electronic filing. >> in this foundation sued the agency over the slow pace of cleaning up the bay. the new strategy will be announced today. 116 are losing their jobs as korea and hyundai are -- kia and hyundai are going to a
6:38 am
different city. the lay offs will be effective july 1st. and a ferber, more a-- fresher policy for food task force. it will regulate foods in city neighborhoods. >> we have too many places that sell friday food -- fried foods. >> they can order the foods online and then pick them up. and now, to oriole park, they struggled with the mariners last night. hernandez gives up a base hit and he hits the ball and they lost 5-1.
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>> 4, 3, 2, 1! [ cheers and applause ] >> with that, there's new named street. check out ray lewis way. and he calls the naming of the street after him a dream come true. he was very emotional and that's where he hands out free turkeys every thanksgiving with his charity. we're giving our first forecast for the hurricane season and the news doesn't look good. the upcoming season could be a top ten year with 16 to 18 named storms. at least 6 will affect the united states. in the last 160 years, only 8 hurricane seasons produced that many storms. >> well, time will tell, won't it? >> yeah. as it does every year.
6:40 am
>> time will tell. >> there's a national hurricane center. we love our friends at accu weather. while you're working hard today and accidentally on the internet. go to the nhc-- it's the atmospheric administration and do a search for the national hurricane center. bookmark that and follow the storms as we do in the first warning doppler weather radar. we'll see how it goes. >> yeah, we have no choice. when it comes to nature, we have no choice. keep in mind [low audio]
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coming up on coffee with, joan rivers is joining us. we like joan, she's been on the show many, many times. she has a show, how did you get so rich. it's season numbertwo. we had a chance to speak to don about how he got so rich. that's coming up. -- and first warning weather, we're watching fog in the area and it's showing up on the graphic cam. we'll get a look at fog throughout the area. first warning weather, we'll tell you this, we're hurricane free right now. that's a different kind of weather. we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,
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>> these are the best weather graphics that we have.
6:45 am
this is 89% humidity. and now, 63 pax river and 63 oakland and 60 d.c. and 59 easton and see the action pressing up on to the lower left side of the screen. 48 in couple cup and 48 in elkton. 55 columbia and 57 rock hall and annapolis and overall on the shore, kent island in the upper 50s. what we have going on, the shower activity to the east, this warm front pressing through and a cold front and then, a warm front pressing thought the area.
6:46 am
sunny, breezy and 75. and 68, don, take it away. how about the rush right now from sharon. well, we're getting slightly busier, but not bad. two accidents working and one in nottingham. meantime, another accident in the city. and watch for debris on 50 westbound on the bay bridge, that's blocking the left lane. and looking good there. those are delays on the westside and the outer lupe. there's a look at 83 at warren road and traffic's light and the roads are wet. there's a look at 95 and this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. you'll find your quality cars and trucks. toyota, moving forward. thank you, morning's coffee
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with with joan rivers. this is brought to you by tvland. >> and please welcome jen rivers back to the eyewitness news morning edition. and a second season of how did you get so rich. congratulations. >> and great to be talking to baltimore. my father went to johns hopkins. i remember that. >> i know, i have -- i have one speech for baltimore. >> well, it's good you have one any way. >> so tell me, i'm back on the second season of how did you get so rich, 10:00 on wednesday nights and this season, we only talk to billionaires. we're sick of millionaires. oh, really. we've raised the bar a bit. >> we've raised the bar. >> yeah, what's a million dollars right now.
6:48 am
>> i spit on a million dollars. >> i used to think, even people that win the lot i unless you really get that biggie, don't trust the government, take it all at once. yeah, well, people win like $19 million we don't even cover them. you have to win like 200 million. >> we had a woman on that won the lottery. we go into people's homes that got rich and we ask how they got rich and they tell me and we look at their toys and stuff and we also stopped cars and we stopped a woman in a gorgeous car and i said, how did you get so rich and she said to me, i won the lottery. i thought, oh, my gosh, it really does happen. >> i thought, i wish it would have happened to me. >> me, too! my lucky number doesnt' come up so off. 13, 13, 13, 13.
6:49 am
>> well, that's the lucky number. we're 13 on broadcast. i'm fascinated at what the people do. i see in my notes, someone got their billions with billy bob teeth. >> yes, he ownes the most single property in all of illinois. from -- how about the guy that does the clapper -- rich beyond belief. wednesday night, this coming wednesday night, we have the man who invented the wii wii pad. how housebreak a dog and put that down. and all of the people started off from nothing. he was working in a pet shop and ripping up newspapers to housebreak dogs. he thought, there's got to be a
6:50 am
better way than this. amazing. we also show this coming week, this makes me laugh. you see all of the manages and then, they're showing my country house this week. i used to think was very pretty, and now, i spit on it. >> well, i'm inpressed. yougett a small house and you paint it and it looks great. and now, you're like, i hate this place. >> and people spend their money in different ways. someone has like, when oprah asks to borrow money from you, that's when you're rich. yeah, that's rich. >> and when we're talking about you. have you thought about doing an
6:51 am
open today on yourself. >> well, melissa and i are doing a show and who isn't? that's next year in december. everyone's doing a reality show now. and they have the hills. they looked at my breasts and they'll call it the falls. >> i haven't heard about the show, that's coming up, too? >> i'll talk to you in december. >> hi look down now, it looks like i have four big toes. >> already, you got me. how did you get so rich, wednesday night at 10:00. we'll >> we'll talk to you in december about the reality
6:52 am
show. >> remember, your father went to johns hopkins. >> yes, he did and inspite of that, a lot of good doctors came out of it, too. >> all right, thank you. >> thank you. >> joan rivers. she was a guest in the old news room several years ago when we were younger. >> and we'll be back. don't go away. ,,,,,,
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here's the updates with marty. >> and fog may be forming in
6:55 am
the area. we'll look at the traffic cam. those are the best graphics that we have when it comes to the first warning weather. eventually, the fog burns off and it gets warm and humid. let's get over the sharon gibala. hi, sharon. >> >> hi, marty, so far, just a little bit of fog on the northside of the beltway. we have delays on 795 and edmondson. 795, northbound with owings mills and another one in nottingham and honey go boulevard. and one at -- there's 95 and white marsh and this is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you've suffered a personal injury, go to cochran and thank you. in the head lines, a local man
6:56 am
is facing animal cruelty charges after attacking a neighbor's dog with a machete. the dog was rushed to a shelter where she's still fighting for her life. the man has a history of minnal illness. an 18 month old is treated for gonorrhea and they're waiting for the evidence showing if she contracted the disease. a family friend could be responsible. stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. complete news, weather and traffic still ahead and more on the breaking news out of libya where a plane crashed killing everyone all accept an 8-year- old boy. that crash off of south africa's north coasas,,,,,,
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